Reddit Review of Total War: Warhammer 2

Reddit report on Total Conflict: Warhammer 2

The total conflict series is definitely one of my favorite strategy games, plus the sequel to the game was pretty remarkable. This brings the entire Warhammer market to a fresh setting while maintaining a strong main that supporters will love.

Several factions are generally added to the overall game plus they all have their own personalities which makes these people feel not the same as one another. This is a superb thing as it will help the storyline and advertising campaign to be more interesting.

Some of these events are more powerful than the past ones and this gives these people a sense of importance. However , these kinds of factions have a lot of disadvantages which makes them more prone to become exploited by the AI.

There is a new advertising campaign mechanic referred to as vortex that allows you to race your units resistant to the AI and if you succeed you receive a bonus to your army. This is a great thought, but is also really hard to apply.

If you have a micro comprehensive device then you can “gift” it on your opponent throughout the combat so they can control it whilst you focus on soldires. This is a really fascinating feature and makes the battles much more interesting.

The fights in this video game are a lot short than they should be because you can only take half of the army on the field whenever you want. This is also a big problem with siege battles as they are extremely short and you only have a window of time to control your military while the AI cheeses upon capture points.

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