Cheating Poker Cards | Marked Card Deck –

The infrared marked cards have invisible marks on the back. You can’t see the marks with your eyes. But you can see the invisible marks by wearing our UV contact lenses or UV sunglasses. So you can cheat in poker games.

We use special infrared ink to print the marks on the cards cheating poker cards. And the marked cards look the same as before marked. We have many different cards. If you can’t find the cards you want, you can contact us. Or you can send your cards to us, and we print the marks on your cards.

There are two different types of inks that we commonly use to make marks. One is bright ink and the other is dark ink. Marks made with bright ink will look brighter than unmarked parts. And marks made with dark ink appear darker than parts without marks.

At the same time, because of the material, color, and pattern of different playing cards are different marked card deck. Therefore, we need to adjust the proportion of ink according to the actual situation, to achieve the best effect.

We also have different mark templates. In most cases, our default large center marks work best.

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